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  • Thursday, February 1st @ 6:45pm - 7pm | Room W31OA (Click for more details)
    The Vital Role of Mental Health Professionals in Supporting Fans When Fandom Authors Turn Toxic

    Fan communities play a significant role in the lives of those fans devoted to the art that brought the community together. However, when the creators who inspired these fandoms engage in toxic behavior, it can have a profound impact on the mental well-being of their fans. This panel seeks to explore the importance of mental health professionals stepping in to help fans cope with the emotional challenges that arise when their beloved authors or creators display harmful behavior. We will delve into the nuances of this issue, examining the potential depth of the psychological toll on fans and the strategies mental health professionals can employ to provide support and guidance.

  • Saturday, February 3rd @ 3:45pm - 4:30pm | Room W31OA (Click for more details)
    It's Morphin Time: Using The Strength And Inspiration Of The Power Rangers To Morph Mental Health

    Since 1993, a team of extraordinary crime-fighting teenagers known as the Power Rangers have been inspiring and empowering viewers across the US and the world. But the Power Ranger’s impact goes beyond that of the traditional team of superheroes saving the world. For fans, the Power Rangers represent so much more. The Power Rangers represent fallible humans dealing with their struggles while protecting the world. Research shows us how an audience emotionally connects and relates with a character can leave a powerful, lasting impact and positively change how audiences see themselves and the world in which they live. While fans do not typically have to battle Putties, Rita, or Lord Zed, they find themselves amid varying life struggles. The Power Rangers offer an opportunity to explore mental health and related areas such as stress and anxiety, life transitions, PTSD, depression, identity development, and anger management through metaphor and diverse representation. This panel will explore the therapeutic advantages of the Power Rangers and its many forms of media representation by showing how themes of redemption, transformative thought, friendship, teamwork, and hope can be used to build coping skills, strengthen identity, bring awareness, and increase self-confidence. Answer your communicator, calm Alpha 5, and grab your morphers because it’s Morphin Time for mental health.

  • Sunday, February 4th @ 12:45pm - 1:30pm | Room W31OA (Click for more details)
    Finding The Mythological Journey Using Final Fantasy And Other RPG Games

    Description coming soon – sorry for the inconvenience! But trust me, you don’t want to miss this!