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Monster of the Week

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Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to slay monsters with Buffy and her Scooby Game, hunt the unknown forces of the supernatural like the Winchesters, or be a part of a conspiracy hunting team with Mulder and Scully?

In Monster of the Week, you get to do just that.

You and your team hunt down the forces of the unknown each week, like the heroes of your favorite television show. Each game session is like an episode of your own monster-hunting series.

Like other Table-Top Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs) your team will be led by a game master, for Monster of the Week, this person is known as the Keeper. The Keeper sets the stage. They describe the spooky town you're in, the eerie noises echoing in the night, and the strange occurrences that suggest a monster is on the loose.

Your job is to investigate, gather clues, and ultimately confront the monster. But be careful—it won't be easy! Monsters in "Monster of the Week" are powerful, cunning, and often have their own sinister agendas.

But here's the twist: "Monster of the Week" isn't just about fighting monsters. It's also about telling a thrilling story together. You'll roleplay your characters, making tough decisions, facing moral dilemmas, and developing relationships with each other and the NPCs (non-player characters) you encounter.

So, whether you're exploring haunted houses, hunting werewolves in the forest, or unraveling ancient curses in forgotten tombs, "Monster of the Week" is all about teamwork, creativity, and facing your fears head-on.

Get ready for a supernatural adventure you'll never forget!